Unique aspects of Weinberg Village:

  • Weinberg Village is the largest senior housing complex in Owings Mills and is home to about 500 residents
  • Weinberg Village was one of the first senior housing complexes to be built in Owings Mills, MD
  • All five buildings are linked together so residents can access all buildings year round without going outside
  • Residents have access to the Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC’s amenities and programs right next door (receive a senior discount on membership)
    • Weinberg Village contracts with the JCC to work with its ‘adult life coordinator’ to augment activities available to residents
  • New residents transition easily to make new friends thanks to Weinberg Village‘s service team and all the activities, dining programs and other resources available
  • Superb, caring, attentive staff
  • Beautiful, peaceful rural setting

History & Weinberg Village Facts

The Dedication & Celebration of Weinberg Village V

In the mid 1960s, THE ASSOCIATED purchased the property in Owings Mills for the JCC. At that time, THE ASSOCIATED had envisioned having senior housing on the property in the future, but the land was not zoned for that. So the land and the project lay dormant for decades. In 1990, CHAI (Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc.) did a housing study documenting an unmet need in our community for affordable, suitable senior housing. This helped create the impetus to move the project forward, and with the help of Baltimore County, 25 acres of the property were successfully rezoned so that plans for senior housing could proceed. (Today, 19 acres of the original 25 are developed, leaving six acres of open land on the property.)

In 2000, CHAI hired the architectural firm, CSD, to develop the master plan for the Village. From the start, CHAI envisioned a five building complex. Funding came from a number of sources and buildings were completed in stages as funding was secured:

  • WV I completed in February 2005
  • WV II completed in September 2005
  • WV III completed in June 2009
  • WV IV completed in September 2007 (before III)
  • WV V (hub/connector) completed in March 2011

Two of the buildings are funded by HUD 202, Baltimore County and The Weinberg Foundation. The other three buildings are funded by a federal program called Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), as well as The Weinberg Foundation and a number of banks.

The Dedication & Celebration of Weinberg Village V

Today, Weinberg Village is home to about 500 older adults. To live at Weinberg Village, a senior must be at least 62 years old, live independently and not have income over a specified limit. There are different income requirements depending on the building. Weinberg Village is considered the flagship, showcase senior community of all the Weinberg senior housing communities in Baltimore.

If a resident needs more assistance as he/she ages, a service team member can help him/her find home care. Although all apartments have kitchens, residents can take advantage of a subsidized Eating Together program that provides dinner four nights a week. WV also has a café serving packaged foods and coffee drinks for residents as well as a convenience store run by volunteers. Two shuttles transport residents to shopping and outings. Quite a few residents still drive and have their cars on site.

Weinberg Village provides a number of Building Service Coordinators who are there to help residents access all the different programs and resources available to them. Each building has its own tenant counsel made up of residents who plans special activities like Sunday brunch, comedy club, featured musician nights, etc., as well as advocates for the residents in their building.

There is a Community Manager and five Assistant Managers (one for each building) who handle operations such as rent collection, maintenance issues and other resident needs. The entire staff works in harmony to assure quality of life for every resident.

Weinberg Village enjoys a great reputation and many adult children living in the neighborhood bring in their older parents from out of town to live at Weinberg Village.

Weinberg Village V Facts:

  • Considered the hub and center of Weinberg Village
  • Once completed, it allowed all the other buildings to be connected
  • Features a large multimedia auditorium, café, game room with pool table, business office for tenant councils, mirrored exercise room, state-of-the-art computer area
  • Includes 86 apartment units

Ken Gelula, CHAI Executive Director: "Our vision has been fulfilled above and beyond our expectations and the Village has now taken on a life of its own. We're so proud that we've not only been able to fulfill our vision and dream but also Harry and Jeanette Weinberg's vision as well."